The Power of a Story: How Story and Narrative Have Captured Marketer’s Imaginations

The current industry buzzword is “story.” More specifically, marketing is about telling a story. Give the customers something they can follow as it grows and develops over time. Everyone has a story to share and a brand can be part of that adventure. Marketers have really run with this concept wonderfully, and it is captivated the imaginations of marketer’s at all levels.

Of course, all this support is because it works. Customers are attracted to that story. There is a subtle difference between a story and a narrative, especially in a marketing sense. A story is something that has a conclusive end. In marketing, the story is usually what leads to the development of the business. This is often collected in the “story” tab on a website or in the “mission.” It depends on the construct of the business. For example, Jane Doe started a business in 2010 that was geared to helping children make art. It derived from the story of Jane Doe’s adventures in Elementary education. She saw that art worked better than any other method.

This is a story that can be told to add context to a current business. This story is truly set in the past. Though it helped the business exist, it is not the current story. The narrative, on the other hand, is. The narrative is the present and future development of the brand. It has no conclusive ending point because it is always changing and taking new forms. It is what is called “the process of unfolding in the moment.” There is some overlap with these two ideas, but marketer’s have touched upon the major milestones of telling a full story.

These two brand messages (story and narrative) work seamlessly to add character, nuance, and depth to a brand. It helps give it life and to make it attractive on a human level. A New Brunswick Digital Agency will deploy a narrative and a story to reach customers. It will tell an adventure that customers will be infinitely intrigued by, and find new ways to tell eternal stories of love, redemption, appreciation, and a rise from the bottom.